Our new website has arrived!

As we barrel toward the finish line for redevelopment of Hanson Reserve, we’ve finally completed the redevelopment of the website. And like new parents, we couldn’t be prouder!

We’ve still got a few tweaks to make so it’s not perfect yet but let us know what you think – we’d love your feedback.


We’re still putting the final touches on a few things including *gulp* getting permission to use some of the photos.

We are making contact with the photographers of the photos we have used, begging for forgiveness and asking for permission or working out a deal for use.  If we haven’t contacted you yet, we will – otherwise send us a message asking us to remove them and we will oblige. We are a not for profit and doing this in our spare time and on the smell of an oily rag so please excuse our infringement on copyright if you are unhappy about this.

Not the best way to do it, I know but we needed to get the site back up and running.