2017 Winter Track Racing

KCC are pleased to announce details of the 2017 Winter Track Series...

This year we have introduced a few new innovations to keep things interesting.

Race Details:

Each round will have a focus event but generally with other events to suit all riders.
For example: Round 1: Derbys/Match Sprints will suit sprinters but other events on the program will suit endurance riders.

All events will be run to suit riders of all standards.  We will run races to accommodate the entries we receive - novice, little-tackers, junior, senior, para-cyclists, male/female only, maybe even masters and elite specific races.  If you nominate we will put on races to suit you.

Grades will be determined based on the entries received.  You may ride Senior D one round but Senior B the next - it will depend on the number of entries and we aim to grade riders according to ability.  However, for example, if we only get two riders generally considered Senior D grade - you may be graded up to Senior C grade.

Mystery Event:

A new innovation this year to mix things up a bit - each round we will ask riders to vote for a Feature race from a list of choices, which will vary each round. Kind of like a mystery event! 

That race will be the "prize" race and awards given based on the result. So you might get to choose from 1. Points, 2. Elimination, 3. Italian Sprint, 4. Longest Lap or perhaps 1. Keirin, 2. Handicap, 3. Snowball Points, 4. LeMans Start Derby  The event with the most votes wins and we will run graded races to suit.

Season Series:

As with previous seasons, over the course of the Winter Track rounds we will award points based on results to all riders. These points will go towards the following Series:

  • Helen Baird Memorial Junior Track Series
  • Graeme Zucker Track Club Combine Shield (Club series)
  • Eddie Smith Track Champion (Kilkenny riders only) 

Entry Details:

  • Regular entries close: Monday the week of race date
    • Seniors (Elite/U19/Masters): $25.00
    • Juniors: $20.00
  • Early-bird entries close: Monday the week before race date
    • Seniors (Elite/U19/Masters): $20.00
    • Juniors: $15.00
  • Late entries close: Wednesday the week of race date
    • Seniors (Elite/U19/Masters): $35.00
    • Juniors: $30.00


Event Details:

  • Venue Open: 3:00pm
  • Sign On Open: 3:15pm
  • Sign On Closed: 3:45pm
  • On Track Warm Up: 3:15 - 3:45pm
  • Rider Briefing: 3:55pm
  • Racing starts: 4:00pm
  • Racing finishes: ~ 7:00pm

Riding Up Policy:

Kilkenny CC has decided that the CSA policy to allow Second Year Under 17 rider to ride in Open events will not apply to the Winter Track Series.

Food and Drinks

Coffee, tea, cold drinks and light refreshments will be available at the canteen

Nominate now using the link >>>

 Upcoming Events:
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