Individual Pursuit

The Individual Pursuit is an individual event where riders begin from a held starting position (usually in a start gate) and race against the clock to set the fastest time over the race distance.  An automatic start gate is used to hold the riders bike in position (riders may be hand held when a start gate is not available).

A countdown timer is used to indicate to riders the time until the start of the race. An audible sound indicates the 30, 10 and final 5 seconds before a gun, whistle or other sound is used to start the race and the start gate is released.

Two riders will always race simultaneously on opposite sides of the track (unless there is an odd number of competitors, in which the lowest rated rider will rider solo).

Riders are seeded based on ability and previous results, with the lowest ranked riders racing first and the highest ranked riders racing last.

Distance: The IP is an endurance event and ridden over much longer distances (up to 4,000m) than a Time Trial, for example.

What to watch: The clock! Riders use aero-style handlebars and helmets to adopt a streamlined position on the bike and front and rear disc wheels to minimise wind resistance and gain an advantage.