We'RE gOIn' oL' sKOoL!!
2016/17 Summer Track Racing

Nominate, turn up and we'll work out the rest as we go along.
The way it used to be when life was much simpler and we all took life less seriously.

We'll run some keirins, some scratchies, maybe a handicap or two and see how much time we have left for anything else.

$20 will get you at least four races ($15 for Juniors). There won't be a program and we'll work out the races, grades and handicaps once we know who turns up.

Venue Open: 1:00pm
Sign On Open: 1:15pm
Sign On Closed: 1:45pm
On Track Warm Up: 1:30 - 1:50pm
Racing starts at 2:00pm
Racing finishes around 5:00pm

Nominate here...http://tinyurl.com/KCC-SummerKeirin

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We'RE gOIn' oL' sKOoL!!
Summer Track Racing

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